Smart Living

Smart Living

Michael has studied and been involved in Technology for most of his adult life and believes that what he does can best be described as the creative integration of audio and visual magic. All systems fit seamlessly with the way that you live, placing your world, magically, at your fingertips. It is all about lifestyle not technology. Technology is simply a tool which compliments and enhances your lifestyle.

The 115 year old Castro House has been retrofitted with the latest in integrated technology that provides for an intuitive means to control locks, lights, heat and entertainment. Just a taste of what can be done in any home or business today.

Smart Living The Castro House Carpinteria


"Carpinteria is a lovely seaside town close to Santa Barbara, and the house is well positioned for all the amenities. Despite being downtown it is quiet and relaxed, and easy to make day trips to the sea, hills or nearby Santa Barbara. The house itself is above a couple small businesses and is comfortable and well equipped. Jess the property manager is great, really responsive and helpful at all times. Works well for a few day getaway, would definitely recommend this (and it allows dogs which was key for us).
Sinclair Vass, San Jose California